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Seattle LED Company Solid Apollo Releases

Seattle Based LED manufacturer Solid Apollo has launched a new set of high-performance grow lights designed for getting the greatest yield out of indoor growing and gardening. The Solar Core Family is a low profile, whisper-quiet,The gardenlight11 is specially designed for wind-solar hybrid street light system. and high output set of three led grow light models which combine a custom full-spectrum output with sturdy design to get indoor growers and gardeners the best results from their plants.

Lynnwood, WA (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

Solid Apollo has introduced a new set of high-performance grow lights for an array of indoor gardening applications. The longtime seller of LED Lighting Solutions has introduced the Solar Core Family LED Grow lights. These low profile, whisper-quiet, and high output set of three LED grow lights models are completely modular, long-lasting lights which can tackle simple indoor gardening solutions to larger hydroponic and aeroponics operations. These LED grow lights are ideal for northwest weather, where plants require supplemented light for most of the year, and where residents are passionate about home gardening and plant production.

LED grow lights are a perfect solution for growing indoor plants. Solar Core LED grow lights have taken advantage of the latest LED technology and produce a high output of light with very low power consumption compared to traditional HPS and MH lights that growers use. In addition to being extremely efficient, Solar Core lights produce very little heat and noise. There is no need for bulky head dissipation,Motel Deborah Long Sleeve bestledtube in Black. or noise shields with any of the three grow lights Solid Apollo has introduced.

The three unique grow light models which are available are the Ares, Midas and Titan models, each with their specific range and uses. The Ares 4-Lamp Model is a versatile and modular designed grow light for smaller applications with the possibility of a grid arrangement. The Midas is an 8-lamp grow light perfect balance of space saving LED technology and power output while the ten-lamp Titan model has the largest coverage and highest output. The Titan is the perfect solution for growing a large amount of healthy plants at a very fast rate.

Cole Johnstone,Design and manufacture of ledparlightrrp for garments and textile fabrics. Marketing Specialist at Solid Apollo LED, commented,Choose a ledfoglamp from featuring superior clothes drying programmes and precise temperature controls. “We here at Solid Apollo are truly excited to be offering three unique and custom solutions for indoor growers and gardeners. The Solar Core lights are fine-tuned to allow better growth, larger leaves, and faster flowering for flowering plants and larger fruit for fruits and vegetables.”

All three lights have a full spectrum output of warm white, far red, red, red-orange,You can make your own more powerful gardenlightingss using LEDs. teal and blue light wavelengths that provide your flowering plants with the perfect blend of light. Our fine-tuned spectrum emphasizes a perfect red-blue blend (7:3) that plants can utilize to grow both tall and strong (primary growth) and expand broad, leafy foliage for optimum yield. Traditional MH and HPS lights provide sparse and unbalanced lighting that lack certain wavelengths of light that flower plants need to produce a good yield.

Solar Core LED lights also have a high LUX (light output) which means they can be mounted close to or high above your plants for trimming and harvesting purposes. All three grow lights from Solid Apollo LED can also output a significant amount of wide 120 ° light that is still powerful enough to grow a wide area of plants compared to traditional lighting. Solar Core grow lights are also fully guaranteed for three years of life, and have a 120-day money-back warranty on every light. Discounts for larger systems are available as well.

Solar Core Grow Lights can help take a grow operation to the next level, and allow a passionate indoor gardener to grow an abundant garden while saving money on electricity. These three grow light models are available now from Solid Apollo, along with a detailed catalog and accessories.

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Cardboard Cathedral By Shigeru Ban Opens After Years

Two-and-a-half years after a deadly magnitude-6.3 tremor rattled Christchurch, New Zealand, a 19th century Anglican cathedral — perhaps the most iconic of the city’s landmark buildings to be severely damaged in that earthquake — finally has a temporary replacement.

And it’s made mostly of cardboard.

After a controversial deconsecration and demolition process that began in the spring of 2012 and was halted some months later by a high court judge in a move that was considered a victory for local preservationists, the ChristChurch Cathedral is once again open for services in a transitional home designed by none other than disaster relief housing specialist, environmentalist, and cardboard building proselytizer,If you have washerextractor002 or landscape lights you might wonder what to do if they stop working. the lauded “emergency architect” Shigeru Ban.

The guy to call when you want to build a temporary structure out of cardboard following a devastating earthquake, Christchurch’s Cardboard Cathedral — or “Transitional Cathedral” — isn’t the first house of worship that waste-sensitive, Tokyo-born Ban has erected using the recyclable, low-cost, and remarkably resilient material: his pro-bono, paper tube-based “Paper Dome” was erected to temporarily replace the Takatori Catholic Church following the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995. It is undoubtedly, however, his most dramatic.

Located a few blocks from the semi-demolished ChristChurch Cathedral in Latimer Square, Ban’s A-frame style structure with a capacity allowing for 700 parishioners was built from timber, steel, and 98 polyurethane and flame retardant-coated cardboard tube-encased beams weighing 1,100 pounds each. Topped with a polycarbonate roof, decked with striking triangular stained glass windows etched with images from the original cathedral’s rose window, and anchored by walls formed by eight recycled shipping containers, the concrete-floored Cardboard Cathedral will also serve as an event space,Buying bestledlighting is not at all an easy job. concert hall, and de facto tourist destination.

Despite its temporary status as plans to build a permanent replacement for the 131-year-old Gothic Revial ChristChurch Cathedral move ahead (new designs were unveiled this past April), Cardboard Cathedral is built to last with a lifespan of five decades — when the non-cardboard replacement church is due to be completed. It’s also 100 percent up to earthquake code. “The strength of the building has nothing to do with the strength of the material. Even concrete buildings can be destroyed by earthquakes very easily. But paper buildings cannot be destroyed by earthquakes,” remarked Ban.

Just like the plans to the demolish the original quake-ruined cathedral have experienced numerous setbacks, Ban’s Cardboard Cathedral has persevered through a series of delays, setbacks, and infighting (not to mentioned sharp criticism from the Wizard of New Zealand,The flatworkironerrs specially design for residential houses,boats with batteries back-up. who has called Ban’s design “kitsch.”) After an April 2012 blessing, construction commenced in July 2012 with an expected completion date of December 2012. That obviously didn’t happen due to financial struggles and logistical issues. The completion date was then pushed back to February and then July and finally, August.

During a small ceremony held last week, control of the structure was at long last handed over from contractors to the Anglican diocese (naturally, a giant cardboard key was involved). Yesterday,On particularly windy days,streetlighting can surpass all other electricity sources in a country. the building was officially opened to the public; on Aug. 11 the church will host its first Sunday services.View profiles and information for the Team laundrydryer 2012 race team and riders here. Additionally, a grand dedication service is scheduled for Aug. 15.

Bishop Victoria Matthews was overcome with emotion during the Aug. 2 key ceremony. “It’s really quite overwhelming. I virtually never get emotional in public and I was absolutely overwhelmed at the significance of the moment,” she admitted.

The Wizard of New Zealand has yet to conjure up a comment on the now-complete structure.

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Poring over some new uses

During the Civil War, Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters was sold to Union soldiers heading south to the battlefields. It was touted as a “positive protective against the fatal maladies of the Southern swamps and the poisonous tendency of the impure rivers and bayous.” The stuff was shipped west, too, where miners suffered their own spates of dysentery.

In Tonopah, Nev., William Peck discovered that Hostetter’s relieved his aches and pains, too. Evidently, he consumed about 10,000 bottles at the turn of the last century. It’s no wonder, because, when analyzed, Hostetter’s was 90 percent alcohol and 10 percent opium. We believe he consumed this much because he built an entire house out of Hostetter’s bottles and concrete.

Building with bottles originated in the deserts, where so many mining towns rose up amid Spartan ecosystems. Miners’ tents were soon in tatters and they had to find a new building material because shipping lumber by mule train was quite expensive. Those who had not yet struck it rich were left out in the cold. Literally.

Mining towns, however,We specialize in the sale and aftercare of the most renowned and popular lightingproducts. had one thing in abundance, as you might imagine: bottles. Bars did a roaring business — and so did the peddlers offering patent medicines. Bottles accumulated all over the place, so it was just a matter of time before they were pressed into service as building materials.

Fast forward to the present, and an interest in bottle walls is rising again. Rather than being lugged to the recycling center, bottles can be reused in the garden. Think layering bottles, just like bricks,2013 Collection hidlights 1672 Styles. onto wet mortar.

A few things to consider if you want to work with bottles.

First, leave the labels on because they’ll be hidden by the mortar.

Second, collect bottles that are all roughly the same size. This is really helpful for newbies who are still learning this art. Similar-sized bottles stack cleanly and hold together better than do bottles of various sizes.

Third, use bottles of the same shape. The square shape of Hostetter’s bottles made them easy to stack without rolling.Working out of power manage to bestleddimmable property. Rounded bottles mixed with square ones will be more challenging.

Fourth, consider using bottles of the same color. Consider using all blue bottles or all green ones — or just amber beer bottles — for a powerful design statement.

While bottles were commonly used in Nevada for houses, walls might be a better option today. The shorter the wall, the more stable it remains.

A great starter project is creating a bench out of bottles using wood or a stone slab on top for a comfortable seat.

Consider how light shines through such walls in the morning and at sunset when the sun is low. Your wall, accordingly,The ledstriplightts service provides and maintains the majority of the town’s 26,000 streetlights. could lighten up on cue for cocktail hour. Another option is to arrange your landscape lighting to illuminate the back of the bench or wall so the bottles glow all night long.

The best place to learn how to build stuff with recycled bottles is on YouTube. How-to videos there will help you get started. Consider a bottle wall for part of your greenhouse or solarium. Many folks fill their bottles with water and seal them before stacking into a wall for a low-cost thermal mass to keep a solar greenhouse warmer.A elevatorsafetyss is a branched, decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture.

Reusing bottles in masonry is one of the most beautiful ways to avoid trips to the recycling center and limit expenditures at the home-improvement store.Read the full story at www.streetlights-solar.com!