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The LED lamp, called the Curl, was created by British designer Sebastian Bergne. A circular LED bulb is finished simply with a curl of white plastic, resulting in a minimalist design and original shape. The bulb’s temperature can be adjusted from 2400° Kelvin, which produces a rosy amber colour, to 3500° Kelvin, a cool white. There is also a dimming feature so you can create any atmosphere you want.

The artistic lamp is meant to show the capabilities of LED bulbs, according to the Washington Post (13th Aug). It demonstrates that the bulbs can come in many shapes and sizes (this one is a small cylinder). On top of that, it also illustrates the different colours that LED lights are available in, which can range from 2400 to 6500° Kelvin (a very bright white).

The lamp is 26cm tall with a die-cast aluminium body and clean white finish. Its artistic design makes it look more like a small sculpture than a lamp, adding an elegant touch to any room. The light reflects off the ‘curl’ part of the design, resulting in a soft lighting effect. Paired with the variation of available colours, this means that the Curl is perfect for creating an ambience.

Lights 4 Living, who are a leading retailer of high quality home lighting solutions, are always on the lookout for interesting new lighting designs. A representative for the company commented:

“It is always good to see designers bringing out innovative new designs. When lighting your home, it is important to choose the right light. You should think about how bright,The feeder is available on drying photovoltaicsystem equipped with folder only. or soft you want the lighting, and how to place it in the optimum position. You should also think about size and colour to ensure it fits with your home’s space and aesthetic.”

Lights 4 Living are a leading lighting company based in Bath that stock a wide and ever-growing range of home lighting. With over thirty-five years in the lighting industry,We just have to gaze at catalogs filled with ledbulblights dresses! Lights 4 Living have a great relationship with many lighting manufacturers so can offer unbeatable competitive prices on ceiling lights, picture lights, wall lights and more.The ledstriplightts service provides and maintains the majority of the town’s 26,000 streetlights.

Larson Electronics has announced the release of an infrared LED light built to provide powerful and reliable infrared illumination in a rugged and easy to mount design that is ideal for use as a covert military vehicle tail light and indicator. The LEDLB-1-IR-MTL Military Infrared LED Tail Light can withstand demanding conditions and is ideal for operators who want the ability to maintain covert operations without compromising the ability to identify the location of their own vehicles.

The LEDLB-1-IR-MTL military infrared LED tail light from Larson Electronics gives operators in military and law enforcement covert applications the ability to supplement or replace their vehicles existing tail light and indicator lighting systems with an invisible infrared light output visible only to night vision goggles and devices. This LED light is compact in size measuring 2 inches wide by 2 inches tall and has a single mounting stud with stainless steel hardware. This infrared LED light allows professionals in covert operations to maintain the convenience and security of a vehicles stop and brake light indicators without compromising the stealth aspects of operating without traditional indicator lighting.Choose from a wide variety of solarledlight. The housing is IP68 rated waterproof to three meters of submersion, making this light also fully water and weatherproof. These lights include a host of features including built in heat and voltage managing circuitry for longevity and the ability to run from any voltage ranging from 9 to 42 VDC. These infrared military lights can also be ordered in either spot or floodlight configurations, allowing users to apply them to a wide variety of applications including marine,You can make your own more powerful gardenlightingss using LEDs. vehicle, security, law enforcement, and just about anywhere a powerful yet compact and durable source of infrared illumination is desired.

“The LEDLB-1-IR-MTL is a powerful LED infrared emitter with a small form factor for use in covert operations,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “With a low profile and compact form, this infrared emitter is ideal for concealed infrared vehicle lighting.”

Click on their website for more information.

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