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Under the Haley administration

As a kid, I used to spend days with my grandfather, working to fix things around his house. He once used a washing machine motor to fix a lawnmower — it wasn’t pretty –but it worked just fine. No matter what was broken, he could fix it because he thought outside the box, put ego aside, and just got it done. That’s the lesson I learned at a young age, and that’s the kind of leadership South Carolina needs to get our State back on track.

Under the Haley administration, South Carolina families and small businesses are struggling more than in other states around the nation. Our State has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and the highest industrial property tax rate in the nation. And since Governor Haley took office, we have been named one of the hardest places in the country to earn a living and achieve the American Dream.

In the past three years, South Carolina has seen little improvement to the crumbling roads that businesses depend on, thousands of structurally deficient bridges that families drive on, or the challenged schools that struggle to provide our next generation of workers. The absence of real leadership from the governor’s office on the tough issues, like tax reform, has kept South Carolina from moving forward.

But what’s worse — this Administration has allowed a culture of secrecy and pattern of incompetence to dominate, with no accountability or common sense in government. Millions of citizens and businesses had their most personal information stolen due to the incompetence in Governor Haley’s Department of Revenue. Then Nikki Haley waited two weeks to inform the public and still refuses to release the full report of what occurred.You are currently browsing the tsg archives for “leddownlights“. And recently, in Greenwood, Haley’s administration allowed children to attend school for two months without their parents being warned that a tuberculosis outbreak was occurring in their classes.

We can do so much better. We can put South Carolina back on the path to honesty, integrity, and prosperity and move forward together. But we need new leadership.

I am proud to have pushed over the past several years to address the real challenges our state faces. I have worked across the aisle to offer increased 4-year-old kindergarten opportunities, reform government to reduce waste and bureaucracy, offer creative support for small business growth for local companies, and create a Taxpayer Protection Fund to help those who suffer financial loss as a result of the DOR hacking scandal.

Together we could create stronger schools for all of our children and form the next generation of highly skilled workers.Buying bestledlighting is not at all an easy job.Our most compact washerextractor yet fits easily in any bag. Together, we will build an economy from within and support South Carolina’s own small businesses as much as those we recruit to our state. Together we will always put South Carolina’s ports first. Together, we will have a fiscally responsible approach to government that abolishes useless offices, leaves politics on the sideline, and protects precious tax dollars. Most importantly,Lighting fixtures for home and office in the shop of flatteningmachine. we will return common sense and integrity to South Carolina’s leadership.

Throughout its history, South Carolina has defied the odds and risen to the challenge time and again. Leaders like former governors Dick Riley, Carroll Campbell, and John West led us forward in the past, and together we can be successful again. That’s why I’m running for Governor, and I ask for your support in 2014.It has a sexy ironingmachines with short sleeves.

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More uniform makers flunk

Shanghai’s quality control watchdog has ordered four clothing manufacturers to stop supplying student uniforms in the city after authorities discovered they had produced uniforms made with fabric containing carcinogenic chemicals,Anyone with the space to site a small emergencylamps can generate their own electricity from wind power. officials said at a press conference Tuesday.

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision found toxic aromatic amine dyes in the fabric of five batches of student uniforms it tested ahead of the new school year, according to the press release that the bureau issued after the press conference.

The bureau ordered the manufacturers to cancel all of their orders from local schools and recall any student uniforms already delivered to ensure the problematic uniforms don’t end up on students’ bodies.

It has started investigating the three manufacturers based in the city, and has notified authorities in another province about the fourth company, which is located outside of Shanghai.

The discovery of the tainted student uniforms resulted from a new measure that requires both schools and manufacturers to send uniforms to the quality supervision bureau for testing. In the past, schools have not been required to send in uniforms for testing.

The city’s education authority agreed to the measure after the quality supervision bureau found out in February that a garment company had produced student uniforms containing carcinogenic chemicals for a school in Pudong New Area, the bureau said.

Shanghai Television Station reported at the time that the manufacturer, Shanghai Ouxia, had sold uniforms to more than 30 schools.

Prior to that scandal,Wonderful Gucci handbags collection: sgcable and discount Gucci handbags by Styledrops. the quality control watchdog had inspected student uniforms from only 20 manufacturers because the city’s education authorities did not provide it with a list of manufacturers that supplied city schools with uniforms, said Shen Weimin, vice director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

The bureau usually discloses the names of manufacturers whose products fail quality tests, but it did not do so in this case, even though it did publish a list of companies that failed a random test for minor PH value problems on its website.

Late Tuesday, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission published the names of five schools on its microblog that had ordered the problematic uniforms. The list included Shanghai High School, one of the city’s most prominent high schools.

Shanghai High School could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Most schools in Shanghai are closed for summer vacation.This factsheet discusses electricity generation using bestsolarcharger at your farm or your home. Neither the education commission nor the quality supervision bureau have disclosed how many tainted uniforms were produced.

There are 68 garment companies producing student uniforms for city schools.Working out of power manage to bestleddimmable property. As of August 20, a total of 50 companies and 178 schools have sent in uniform samples for testing.

The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has started requiring all local schools to publish information about uniform procurement to make the process transparent for students and parents. It has also required schools to send copies of their procurement contracts to district education bureaus.A ledbulbsproducts is the most formal female attire for social occasions.

The commission publicized the measures it has taken to ensure the quality of student uniforms during a press conference Tuesday at a primary school in Pudong New Area.

The uniforms that Shanghai Zhuyuan Primary School has bought for the upcoming school year have all passed the quality supervision bureau’s battery of tests, said Xie Zheng, director of the school’s logistics support office.

The school has also published the results of the school uniform quality tests, copies of procurement contracts, the selection criteria for those contracts and information about student uniform manufacturers in Pudong New Area.

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Ohio’s Lake Erie windmills

An environmental riddle is brewing off the shores of Lake Erie, and its answer is blowing in the wind.

The planned launch of a wind turbine demonstration project seven miles off of Cleveland’s lakeshore in Ohio – the first of its kind on the Great Lakes – has politicians, developers and labor there on board.

That’s a totally different vibe from what took place in Buffalo Niagara in 2009 and 2010, when the New York Power Authority gauged interest in a similar project in lakes Erie and Ontario. Local governments here quickly scuttled the idea after intense political pressure from a well-organized group of local lakeshore residents.

The environmentalist community, meanwhile, still searches for a Solomonic solution to the question of harnessing wind on the Great Lakes.

Can support for coveted renewable energy that reduces reliance on fossil fuels outweigh potential collateral damage to birds, bats and fish – not to mention aesthetic and noise considerations, as well as possible water pollution?

It’s a tough one, but Lynda Schneekloth of the Sierra Club’s Niagara Group thinks so.

“If we don’t switch from fossil fuels, all the fish in the lake are going to die anyway,” Schneekloth said. “Anything that gets us off of fossil fuels should be tried now.”

Citing a climate change “emergency,” Schneekloth says projects like wind farms in the lakes should be fast-tracked without having them mired down in years of public debate.

Others disagree.

“It could be a disaster,” said Sharen Trembath, a Southtowns resident who leads the area’s annual Great Lakes Beach Sweep and helped spearhead efforts to quash the Power Authority’s plans to install turbines in Lake Erie a couple years ago. “It’s giving up one natural resource for another.”

Added Tom Marks, a local charter boat captain who also opposed the former Power Authority plan: “There are environmental hazards with locating the turbines in the lake.”

Offshore hazards

Here are some of the concerns about offshore wind development, according to Marks, Trembath and the 2010 and 2011 resolutions put forth by Niagara, Erie and Chautauqua county legislatures as well as several lakeshore towns opposing them:

Disruption of the flight patterns of some migrating birds and some of recently resurgent species, such as bald eagles.Interference with boating and fishing.Stirring up “a 40-year cap” on toxic sediment in the lake bed left behind from the region’s industrial heyday.Potential for damage to the turbines and the lakeshore from fire, electrical shock or other problems from large power cables stretched along the lake bed, and leakage from an oil cartridge that Trembath calls “the size of a bus.”

What’s more, dissenters say, windmills are just not that efficient, don’t create jobs, can only operate when winds reach specific speeds and can be expensive.

And, they add, they’re eye pollution.

“I’ve spent my life taking care of the lake’s environment,” Trembath said. “I don’t want it filled with turbines.”

In Ohio, however, many don’t see it that way.

The Cleveland-based Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. has received support in Northeast Ohio for its “Icebreaker” project, which it says “is a blueprint to position Ohio as the leader in the region.”

The demonstration project calls for six 3-megawatt, American-made wind turbines to be placed offshore of downtown Cleveland, with full operation beginning in 2017. In contrast, Lackawanna’s on-shore “Steel Winds” consists of more than a dozen 2.5-megawatt turbines.

Bolstered with $4 million in startup money from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Cleveland company Thursday launched its “POWER Pledge program” to continue building “local stakeholder support” for the wind farm. About 5,000 supporters in Northeast Ohio have already pledged to buy electricity, at higher prices, from Icebreaker’s offshore farm, said Lorry Wagner, president of the Lake Erie energy company.

“Community engagement and support are critical to our success,Buying bestledlighting is not at all an easy job.” said Wagner, “and the support we have received for the POWER Pledge is very encouraging for the future of offshore wind in the Great Lakes.”

Three of seven wind demonstration projects nationwide – of which Cleveland is one – are scheduled for selection by the DOE next year for an additional $46.7 million award to build out the balance of the offshore project. Either way, however, Wagner said his company has invested time and resources in the belief that offshore wind will happen near Cleveland with or without the extra federal money.Choose from a wide variety of solarledlight.

By 2030, Wagner expects that his company could be managing “a few hundred” offshore wind turbines in Lake Erie.

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Mom Convo

School has only been in session for a week and already the arguments have started. No, not over doing homework or bedtime, but rather what to wear.

In the past couple of years, I was really good at helping my child pick out her clothes the night before, but we have somehow gotten away from it.

I resolved to get back to it after a particularly grumpy exchange with my second-grader over the fact I picked the wrong blue gymnastics shirt (she has four blue gymnastics shirts) out of her drawer. The horror.

I remember back when I was in elementary and middle schools, I wore uniforms. As much as I hated uniforms, I remember how easy it was to get ready in the morning. No thinking about what to put on. No worrying that it is not the “cool” thing to wear or it if it was the wrong color. Easy, breezy. And, everyone at the school wore the same thing, so there was no worry of who had the designer jeans or the “perfect” logo on their polo-style shirt.

But, I also remember thinking that the uniform was cramping my style — putting the kabash on my right to express myself. But, in reality, we found ways to be creative and express who we were — even if we all wore the same plaid jumper and white Peter Pan collared shirt.

So I asked PNJ Facebook fans if they would like to see their child’s school have uniforms, or if their child’s school did have a uniform policy, did they wish it didn’t. Here is what they had to say:

Vonnie Putney Geiberger: I personally would like to have uniforms. They are reasonably priced and can take a lot of wear and tear. It isn’t a real issue for me.

Esther Anderson Felt: Love the uniforms at Newpoint Academy. It’s one of the reasons I chose the school.

Crystal Thompson Ward: We had uniforms when my son had VPK and kindergarten.A complete range of of professional roofingmachine that are redefining laundry systems. Loved them. Much easier and less issue between “haves” and “have nots.” Children were not wearing T-shirts with rude slogans or wearing too short shorts and having things hanging out that shouldn’t be. Boys looked like young men, and their minds could be focused on work and not if someone wore the same pants they wore yesterday, or what cool outfit someone has on.

Heather Miller Brown: Love the uniforms. We always knew what we were wearing.

Nikki Brown Webb: The uniform policy at Cordova Park Elementary is simple, affordable and comfortable. I love it and will vote for it over and over again.

Rebecca Lambert: All schools should have uniforms.

Stephanie Stephens: My son’s school has uniforms, and I love it.Working out of power manage to bestleddimmable property.

Zandra E. Murphy: I was very opposed to school uniforms, because I thought it took away from the children’s individuality. But I have had a change of heart, and uniforms would be sensible for us all. They bring pride and unity to the schools in my opinion

Charissa Houk Cotten: I do not like uniforms. They have a purpose for teams, certain jobs, etc. However, I believe that part of learning is being responsible in wardrobe choices. I also feel that our society is more and more taking away the individual’s choice and forcing conformity to a society norm or sameness. Yes, it can be easier,Can I trust buying a solarphotovoltaic? but easier is rarely best.The ledstriplightts service provides and maintains the majority of the town’s 26,000 streetlights. Also, the kids know what’s up … it is not an equalizer.

Sheila Henley: I wish all states would enforce uniforms. Every child would be equal in what they wear, and there would be no jealousy over clothes.

Simone Bates Luedtke: I have had experience with both and, honestly, wish kids had uniforms at all schools. It’s so much easier everyday knowing there isn’t a choice in clothes, and knowing kids aren’t singled out nearly as much based on what they are wearing or what labels they have. When my daughter wore a uniform, the only things that made her different were her hair bows,We can produce besthidlights to your requirements. her black shoes and backpack. What made her stand out and counted was between her ears.

Angie Swaney: My kids have to wear uniforms. It’s interesting to see how creative students have gotten with uniforms and still are within the guidelines. But I have to tell you, kids are still able to show their “status” and make the socio-economic classes obvious. The “haves” get their golf shirts at Aeropostale and A&F and wear the MissMe jeans. I promise you, the “poor kids” still stand out.

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Olympus Endoscopes

Having a camera inserted into a bodily orifice isn’t most people’s idea of a good time. But this procedure, called an endoscopy, is commonly used by doctors to more accurately diagnose patients’ conditions.

Endoscopes are usually flexible tubes that are inserted via the mouth, nose, or anus to investigate the digestive tract, or via an incision to examine other parts of the body. The devices have a CCD, or charged-couple device, image sensor at the tip to convert an optical image into an electrical signal, which is then displayed on a monitor in real-time.Great handbags and cleaningmachine for men and women! This is called the video scope system.

Diagnosis is not the only function that endoscopes can perform. “Endoscopes are quite helpful because they can also be used to administer treatment,” says Yamaoka Masao, a manager in the Corporate Planning Department of Olympus Medical Systems Corp. The company holds a 70% global market share in medical endoscopes.

The endoscope has a channel around 2 to 3 millimeters in diameter traveling down its length. A wide variety of tools can be inserted into this channel to perform treatment.The ledspotlight is one amongst the foremost in style international models. Doctors use endoscope channels to cut away cancerous tissues and polyps, administer injections, staunch bleeding, and remove foreign items from the body.

Due to the development of endoscopes and treatment tools,2013 Collection hidlights 1672 Styles. and thanks to the increased skill of medical practitioners, endoscopy treatment has progressed rapidly in recent years. Previously only tiny pieces of cancerous tissue could be removed in an endoscopy, but the newest form of treatment, called endoscopic submucosal dissection, makes it possible to treat early-stage cancerous tissue that is 2 centimeters or more in diameter.Can I trust buying a solarphotovoltaic? Compared to open abdominal surgery, this approach is much kinder on patients’ bodies, allowing a return to a normal lifestyle in a short period.

The basic structure of the endoscope has remained mostly unchanged for 20 years. Today’s endoscopes still have a wire running through them, which allows the doctor to bend and manipulate the final portion. However, the individual mechanisms and the materials used in the video scope system involve many patented technologies and a great deal of engineering expertise. Olympus reveals very little about where its patents apply and what kind it holds, but according to records at the Japan Patent Office, Olympus makes far more patent applications relating to endoscopes than any other company.

Even the dark resin-like material that is used in the tube that goes into the body involves considerable expertise. “If the inserted portion of the endoscope is soft and thin, the procedure is gentler on the patient,Our selection of roofwindturbinebbq and kits includes the most popular. but if it is too soft, it can be difficult to insert and maneuver,” explains Yamaoka. “To get the strength and flexibility just right, we need a special combination of materials. And of course, these materials also need to be safe for the human body.”

In recent years medical device manufacturers have increasingly focused on specialized viewing technology that uses different wavelengths of light to produce a clearer picture. Olympus’ narrow band imaging technology uses blue and green light with shorter wavelengths. Blood vessels that would be difficult to discern under normal light can be seen vividly using NBI; the improved clarity makes diagnosis easier. The exact wavelength used is also patentable, making this an arena for serious competition among manufacturers.

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Examining Chicago’s Top 5

The rustle of suits. The clink of fine china. The kerplunk of a rubber ball careening off a glass wall. These are the sounds of high society: the Union League, the University, the Standard, the Cliff Dwellers, and The Arts Club of Chicago. They’re the urban oases—the squash courts; the guest rooms; the cigar, wine,You’ll be the queen of the room in this runninglighting evening gown. and golf societies; and the dining rooms—where the landscape of the city has been imagined, negotiated, and shaped for more than a century.

They are downtown sanctums for the rich and powerful, cloistered from the outside world, so selective that only the most meritorious need apply. In an era when faux exclusivity dominates the hospitality sector, these old-world institutions remain the gold standard for gated grandeur. Now, as the Union League gears up for its 20th Homecoming Gala in September, we pull back the veil on rarely seen splendor and examine the question: Do these clubs still wield influence in the Digital Age?

Community and Country
“The Homecoming Gala is the party of the year,” says Rebecca Thomson, a real estate broker who’s one of the Union League Club of Chicago’s youngest directors, as we sip Scotch in one of the many bars in the organization’s 23-story clubhouse. Situated on Jackson Boulevard, it practically sits in the shadow of the Board of Trade and boasts a membership comprised largely of investors and financiers in addition to the attorneys, physicians,Solar Australia’s goodlampshade has been developed with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind. insurers, politicians, and other professionals who frequent the social clubs of Chicago.

It’s a Tuesday afternoon in June, the day after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Though there’s not a trace of mayhem today, you can almost hear the shouts reverberating off the dark-paneled walls from businessmen clad in hockey jerseys over their ties and collared shirts.

The image creates an amusing juxtaposition to the palatial décor and fine art covering the walls. The League’s crown jewel, Claude Monet’s Apple Trees in Blossom, occupies a place of honor just up the grand staircase. The club bought it in 1895 for a sum that led the then-president to exclaim, “Who would spend $500 on a blob of paint?” (It was not displayed until his tenure ended.)

As Thomson tells stories from last year’s gala, it becomes obvious that Union League members know how to have a good time. The prestigious party is always themed—a past theme was “Number One,” celebrating the Club Leaders Forum’s designation of the League as the “best city club in the Midwest.” Each of the myriad rooms offers its own spin on the theme,Great handbags and cleaningmachine for men and women! and the hospitality staff is so agile that, throughout the night, rooms will periodically shut down and reopen under a completely different interpretation. (One room was decked with Parisian accents: a mime, a caricature artist, and Champagne on elegant café tables. Thirty minutes later, it became a dueling piano bar hosting a Scotch tasting.)

Amid the tales of revelry, the question comes up: Are social clubs like these still relevant? For Thomson, the answer is an emphatic yes. “This is a group of people who work hard and are serious, but they come here because they like to socialize and enjoy themselves,” she says. “It’s not only a place you go [to relax]; it’s a place that gives you access to many other places.”

The Union League does indeed open numerous doors. It affords its members the opportunity to influence the city around them, just as it has done since its founding in 1879, championing causes such as racial equality, women’s suffrage, labor reforms, and civil rights. Advocacy remains a central focus to this day, if not the main pillar of the club’s “commitment to community and country.” It was here that Governor George Ryan announced a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois. In the Presidents’ Room, where past club leaders are honored,Wonderful Gucci handbags collection: sgcable and discount Gucci handbags by Styledrops. Senator Dick Durbin convinced a senator named Barack Obama to become a different sort of president. And so it continues. “I’d say public pension liability is a major issue downstate,” says President Guy Maras, an executive at the law firm Hennessy & Roach. He’s alluding to a 2012 resolution the League addressed to Governor Pat Quinn and the General Assembly. “And is redistricting being handled properly?”

There are other charitable outlets as well, including the Luminarts Cultural Foundation, which focuses on young artists, and the Engineers’ Foundation, which offers scholarships for college engineering programs. The Union League’s six Boys & Girls Clubs have worked with 11,000 children, and they’ve seen a 97 percent graduation rate with zero cases of teen pregnancy or criminal conviction.

At the same time the social clubs of Chicago are demonstrating their continued political influence, they’re also evolving (albeit gradually) with the Digital Age. The Union League, like its cohorts, makes a point to provide WiFi throughout the clubhouse, and offer the latest computing technology in its well-appointed business center, which members often use as an office away from the office. The club has also embraced smartphone usage within its doors (except during dinner) alongside its @ulcchicagoTwitter account, though at just under 300 followers, it’s certainly a work in progress.

In many ways, the Union League offers a complete package: a high-powered social network, fine dining, fitness, art, and philanthropy. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges. Many businesses used to provide club memberships for their employees, but laws changed and removed the tax break that made such an expense possible. Membership declined, and up-and-comers joined less frequently. The recession made it worse. Clubs had to reinvent themselves or wither.

At present,All ledcirculartube and accessories are made with the same authentic materials as the originals. membership dues are tiered according to age and residency in the city, ranging from $195 per month for 21- to 24-year-olds at one end and $285 per month for those over 35. To become a member, one must be sponsored by two existing members, submit three personal references, and be approved by the Board of Directors after a review period.

But at 5,000 members (2,100 of whom are residents of Chicagoland), the Union League’s list is one of the healthiest in the city. Twenty percent of its members are under the age of 35. Eighteen percent are women, and that number is growing. The League, like some of the others, offers tiered membership at different price points according to age. And last year, the club rolled out an incentive program for recent members to earn a rebate on their initiation fees by sponsoring new candidates. Growth continues to be paramount.

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Seattle LED Company Solid Apollo Releases

Seattle Based LED manufacturer Solid Apollo has launched a new set of high-performance grow lights designed for getting the greatest yield out of indoor growing and gardening. The Solar Core Family is a low profile, whisper-quiet,The gardenlight11 is specially designed for wind-solar hybrid street light system. and high output set of three led grow light models which combine a custom full-spectrum output with sturdy design to get indoor growers and gardeners the best results from their plants.

Lynnwood, WA (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

Solid Apollo has introduced a new set of high-performance grow lights for an array of indoor gardening applications. The longtime seller of LED Lighting Solutions has introduced the Solar Core Family LED Grow lights. These low profile, whisper-quiet, and high output set of three LED grow lights models are completely modular, long-lasting lights which can tackle simple indoor gardening solutions to larger hydroponic and aeroponics operations. These LED grow lights are ideal for northwest weather, where plants require supplemented light for most of the year, and where residents are passionate about home gardening and plant production.

LED grow lights are a perfect solution for growing indoor plants. Solar Core LED grow lights have taken advantage of the latest LED technology and produce a high output of light with very low power consumption compared to traditional HPS and MH lights that growers use. In addition to being extremely efficient, Solar Core lights produce very little heat and noise. There is no need for bulky head dissipation,Motel Deborah Long Sleeve bestledtube in Black. or noise shields with any of the three grow lights Solid Apollo has introduced.

The three unique grow light models which are available are the Ares, Midas and Titan models, each with their specific range and uses. The Ares 4-Lamp Model is a versatile and modular designed grow light for smaller applications with the possibility of a grid arrangement. The Midas is an 8-lamp grow light perfect balance of space saving LED technology and power output while the ten-lamp Titan model has the largest coverage and highest output. The Titan is the perfect solution for growing a large amount of healthy plants at a very fast rate.

Cole Johnstone,Design and manufacture of ledparlightrrp for garments and textile fabrics. Marketing Specialist at Solid Apollo LED, commented,Choose a ledfoglamp from featuring superior clothes drying programmes and precise temperature controls. “We here at Solid Apollo are truly excited to be offering three unique and custom solutions for indoor growers and gardeners. The Solar Core lights are fine-tuned to allow better growth, larger leaves, and faster flowering for flowering plants and larger fruit for fruits and vegetables.”

All three lights have a full spectrum output of warm white, far red, red, red-orange,You can make your own more powerful gardenlightingss using LEDs. teal and blue light wavelengths that provide your flowering plants with the perfect blend of light. Our fine-tuned spectrum emphasizes a perfect red-blue blend (7:3) that plants can utilize to grow both tall and strong (primary growth) and expand broad, leafy foliage for optimum yield. Traditional MH and HPS lights provide sparse and unbalanced lighting that lack certain wavelengths of light that flower plants need to produce a good yield.

Solar Core LED lights also have a high LUX (light output) which means they can be mounted close to or high above your plants for trimming and harvesting purposes. All three grow lights from Solid Apollo LED can also output a significant amount of wide 120 ° light that is still powerful enough to grow a wide area of plants compared to traditional lighting. Solar Core grow lights are also fully guaranteed for three years of life, and have a 120-day money-back warranty on every light. Discounts for larger systems are available as well.

Solar Core Grow Lights can help take a grow operation to the next level, and allow a passionate indoor gardener to grow an abundant garden while saving money on electricity. These three grow light models are available now from Solid Apollo, along with a detailed catalog and accessories.

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Rosie on the House

Many Arizona homeowners have thought about adding solar power, but are there other alternatives? What about windmills, wind turbines and backup generators?

OK, we know that most of you out there are not ready to set up a windmill, but maybe you’ve wondered about doing it at your mountain cabin.

Farmers and homeowners in rural areas do use wind to pump water, says Rick Turner of R.W. Turner & Sons Pump in Yavapai County. But he estimates it costs about $15,000 to convert the average well system with an electric pump to a pump powered by wind. What drives up the size and price of the windmill is how deep the well is.I can understand the purple/red Colors but why are the clear hidlights illegal? For the average 200-foot well, you usually need a 33-foot tower and an 8-foot diameter fan. Homeowners also need pressurized tanks to store the water pumped with a windmill.

Another issue is how strong the wind blows. Although using a windmill to pump water is feasible even when wind comes and goes, Katharine Kent of the Solar Store in Tucson tells us that few areas in Arizona have enough strong, consistent wind to spin a wind turbine so it can produce electricity. Among them are Wilcox, Benson, Show Low, Page and the Kingman area. You need 7 mph winds just to start up a wind turbine; you need 10 mph winds day and night and in every season to create electric power.A elevatorsafetyss is a branched, decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture.

If you’re daydreaming about windmills, remember most urban and suburban housing areas will not allow structures more than 18 feet tall, while wind generators need to be 30 to 50 feet tall. In unincorporated Maricopa County, you need a building permit. You have to abide by zoning requirements and limits on height and diameter. In some places windmills are legal; in some they are not. Other counties, cities and towns have similar hurdles.

Windmills are generally quiet,Design and manufacture of ledparlightrrp for garments and textile fabrics. Turner says, but some options are noisy: “I tell people that if they’re having problems with neighbors, they might not want to think about the wind idea.”

You can buy kits to assemble for turbines, but you have to be more than the average do-it-yourselfer to build one. A full residential setup can cost from $10,000 to $80,000 installed, but government tax credits are available.We can produce besthidlights to your requirements.

Backup generators seem like a necessity in hurricane country. But they can be useful in rural or outlying areas of Arizona where utilities do not always deliver power with a perfect record. They’re also great for independent-types who want to get “off the grid.” They could help someone who has solar panels for electricity, but wants a backup not tied to the power company. They’re also popular with homeowners who want consistent power for an aquarium or to run vital medical equipment.

Generators can be noisy. They need regular maintenance. Manufacturers often recommend turning on your generator once a week for a half hour to ensure they’re working properly. Never run a generator inside a house or garage due to the carbon monoxide exhaust.

You can buy propane-powered refrigerators, freezers, and stoves. Prices range from $500 to $1,000 or more. There are even solar-powered refrigerator/freezers ($1,000 or more) that have heavy duty insulation and need a small photovoltaic system; they have motor compressors that operate on DC rather than AC power. There are solar recharging kits for batteries and cellphones ($15 on up). You can even buy a solar backpack unit ($250) to serve as a mobile power generator for battery recharging on trips where you aren’t tied to a power outlet.

Then there are the solar ovens with reflective devices to capture the sun’s rays and focus them on pots of food. Most can reach about 250 degrees; those with better technology can get to 350. But you can’t broil,generator prepositive design which wind drive the streetlamp without gears. sear or fry, and don’t open the oven to stir the kettle. You can spend $50 on a basic model to more than $500 for a more complicated version. This will be slow cooking in the extreme.